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8 tips to Live Well and Have Impact during the festive season

8 tips to Live Well and Have Impact during the festive season

A gift from our founders Troy Mansell and Adrian Medhurst

Christmas is a time for giving. It is also a helpful time to put on the oxygen mask. That is, look after yourself so you can be at your best. Which, as it turns out, helps you give your best to others. However, it’s quite likely your 2018 schedule has been overloaded with work and ‘life admin’. You either feel like you need a break, or feel like that is an understatement! Too often we see people return to work feeling lethargic, bloated, tense, and/or constipated! Yup. We went there… Now you’ll know that this is not the most effective way to return to the office in 2019. You want to return to work ready, (re)energised and in great shape to give your best performance.

Energy drinks - what really happens to our body

Whether it's overpowering the 3pm slump, or mixing with a few drinks to make the party last longer, energy drinks are bound to have been a feature for all of us at some point – whether occasionally or on a regular/daily basis. We all know there are many healthier options to improve our energy, but there are times when a quick fix seems the only answer. Hopefully, after you read on, you will think twice about your afternoon pick-me-up habit...

5 hacks to overcome the 3pm slump - that don't include sugar!

With Benny Button's movement expert Rosie Dumbrell

We all know that 3pm feeling and Fridays can tend to be the hardest, as we push to the finish line of the working week. So here are 5 healthy tips to get you through that slump.