2 before 2

2 before 2

Two litres of water before 2pm each day can help optimise hydration, boosting performance and productivity at work. It makes good sense, especially when over fifty percent of our body weight is made-up of water. Forgetting to drink water, air-conditioning and heat early in the day can cause dehydration which can lead to lethargy and tiredness and result in an unplanned trip to the coffee shop or vending machine in the afternoon!

Energy drinks - what really happens to our body

Whether it's overpowering the 3pm slump, or mixing with a few drinks to make the party last longer, energy drinks are bound to have been a feature for all of us at some point – whether occasionally or on a regular/daily basis. We all know there are many healthier options to improve our energy, but there are times when a quick fix seems the only answer. Hopefully, after you read on, you will think twice about your afternoon pick-me-up habit...

Green Light for Hemp Foods

The future of human nutrition just upped the ante with a brand new superfood now in the final stages of legislation. Hemp in it’s various forms from seeds, to oils and powdered proteins are currently consumed in every country outside of Australia and New Zealand. We are now officially joining the party down under.

But, don’t get the wrong idea; it’s not that kind of party.