Live Well. Have Impact.


Benny Button delivers data-driven intelligence to help organisations measure & enhance cultural wellbeing & performance. 



A systematic methodology underpins the work we do and this ensures impact is achieved and embedded. Through this methodology, organisations, leaders, and employees are guided through a cycle of three interdependent phases. 



Know what you need to know

We use data analytics to unlock performance and wellbeing insights by profiling core factors of work-life agility. A range of assessment options form a pre-program exploration phase. Based on agreed scope and investment the assessments range from online surveys and interviews through to biometric and genetic testing. 
Our Benny Button Wellbeing and Performance Profiler is included in this stage (see below).



Do what needs to be done

We help people synchronise the development of wellbeing and performance to promote growth towards work-life potential. Your data as well as performance psychology and wellbeing science informs the design and delivery of learning and development experiences.



Be the best you can be

We empower and support businesses to cultivate and sustain a high-performance culture over the long haul. Drawing on our thought leadership in organisational and performance psychology, wellbeing science, workplace culture and employee engagement we help you continue to explore and transform by building and embedding a continuous learning and development culture with work-life agility front and centre.


introducing the benny button wellbeing and performance profiler


Benny Button is excited to offer you exclusive access to our Benny Button profiler! We are passionate about wellbeing and performance and have been working hard to design and develop an assessment that incorporates not just how you are performing at work, but your whole picture of wellbeing.

So what is the Benny Button Profiler going to do you may ask? - good question!

We have developed a tool to allow you to measure your current state of wellbeing and performance, delivered conveniently through our App. This self-assessment helps you understand where you're at right now – what is currently going well, and recommended areas of focus and improvement. We even offer resources to help begin your wellbeing and performance transformation!

We believe that wellbeing and performance go hand in hand – you need to be looking after yourself to sustain high levels of performance. 

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the starter pack

introduce the value of work-life wellbeing & performance initiatives without the complexity of strategising and committing to a huge contract and roll out right off the bat.

We understand that integrating new employee and cultural development initiatives within a company can come with many hurdles to jump. Whether there is apprehension around trying something new and innovative by comparison to more traditional approaches to employee and culture transformation, or uncertainty with regard to budgeting, resourcing, leadership commitment, or internal politics. No hurdle is insurmountable, but it can be helpful to find a safe and effective first step to take, and that is the purpose of this guide!

watch us in action


The real costs of stress in our workplaces

In this short video, Dr Adrian Medhurst breaks down the statistics of how much stress is costing our workplaces and why it is so important to draw our attention to it.

This keynote was filmed at the 2018 ThinkTank Corporate PA Summit. If you would like to see where Dr Adrian Medhurst is speaking next, head over to our Events page here

Or alternatively get in contact with us at


The relationship between performance and wellbeing

In this short video, Dr Adrian Medhurst sets the framework for employee performance and wellbeing, breaking down the main quadrants that we all fall into.

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What our clients Say -

I cannot recommend Dr Adrian Medhurst highly enough, either in the capacity of a keynote speaker, or as a facilitator. Adrian really takes the time to get to know the audience and tailors his messages and content accordingly, and he is a delight to work with from an event organisers perspective. Even better still, the feedback from delegates is always exceptional. Thanks Adrian.
— Cass Brownlow Davies - ThinkTank Media
The success of the Benny Button program was contingent on showing some vulnerability as a leader and being part of the program alongside of your team. We needed to create a safe place for people to say how they felt or what was bothering them. Once the team started sharing it was overwhelming how much they had to say! It also made me realise that I was prioritising everything else in my working life and forgetting about my own wellbeing. As a result, I now block out 5 minutes of my day to shut the door and breathe. I have also taken steps to improve my physical health and have started exercising 6 out 7 days for the past 9 weeks and have lost 9kg. The actions of our people are what inspired me to get moving again.
— Chad Stephenson - State Manager, BlueScope Steel
Benny Button has a contemporary approach to people analytics. It is important for our business to understand the employee experience on a global scale in ways that link wellbeing with performance, engagement, and culture. I believe their science-based methodology and thought-leading data visualisations will give us the means to better understand and support our people.
— Elise Morris - People and Culture Director, Swisse
We’ve partnered with Benny Button to gain meaningful insights about our people’s wellbeing, productivity and engagement. The data has helped us understand our strengths and opportunities to direct our investment accordingly into activities that have more impact with our people.
— Julie Kirk - Global Head of People, eNett