Benny Button Assessment 

Our wellbeing and performance are highly related and we benefit greatly from investing effort in these areas of our life simultaneously.

The Benny Button assessment experience is designed to provide you with a highly personalised and holistic understanding of your wellbeing and performance. 

The assessment protocol has been designed scientifically, thoughtfully, and enthusiastically by a team of psychologists, health practitioners, and academic researchers. This means the personalised interpretation of your results can be trusted. We hope it gives you the insight and motivation you need to live well and have impact.

The online survey will take about 20 minutes to complete - so make sure you have the time to commit before you start. The results of this assessment will inform your personalised profile report and recommendation that will promote personalised goals, habits, learning opportunities and actions you can take to improve and optimise your wellbeing and performance. 

In order to provide you with your personalised profile, we need to be able to link your responses to the survey to who you are and we do this by asking for your name and email address. 

The information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence so feel free to be honest so that you obtain a clear and accurate picture of where you are at right now. 

In the unlikely event that responding to questions raises feelings or thoughts that bring you discomfort you find difficult to manage, you are encouraged to contact people or services for support which could include a friend, HR person, your Employee Assistance Provider, Lifeline, or even our friendly Psychologist at Benny Button - Dr Adrian Medhurst who is contactable in private via his email -

At no point will a person's responses be identifiable - only group-level findings will be available for your organisation so your anonymity is ensured.

Without further ado - head back to the survey and click start!