Switched on heatmap

We know that our wellbeing and performance are interdependent. The Benny Button Heat Map highlights the importance of synchronising wellbeing and performance by plotting the two dimensions together. This creates a snapshot view of cultural wellbeing and performance, or the ratio of wellbeing ‘Capacity’ to performance ‘Contribution’ for a given population.

Although at it’s most basic people can be split into one of four categories based on higher vs lower levels on each dimension; we extend the Driver, Divider, Drainer classification here to more accurately represent the spread of scores across the wellbeing and performance dimensions.

The heat map therefore shows the percentage of a workforce or work area in the Driver, Divider, or Drainer level on wellbeing and performance, as well as how these combine to produce 9 ‘types’. The Heat Map is aptly named because it shows at a high-level how people are going in terms of their wellbeing and performance potential, and what type and level of support and development investment may need to be allocated and targeted.

Switched On tutorial a.jpeg

Heat Map Scattergram

The scattergram view is an interesting representation of both the relationship between wellbeing and performance, as well as the spread of your people across the wellbeing and performance dimensions. This shows us the varying degrees to which people are in or out of sync, and where people are going really well (Driver), are hovering around average (Divider), or struggling (Drainer).

Switched on tutorial b.jpeg