We're not here to roll out the same old 'one size fits all' corporate wellness program.We're not a short term challenge. We're in this with you for the long haul. Think of Benny as your wellbeing ‘Sherpa’ helping you and your organisation discover your peak potential. 



People are unique. Everyone deserves a personalised view of their wellbeing and performance factors across work and life domains. Part of what makes Benny Button innovative in comparison to other providers is our Assessment Protocol. Whole-person assessments provide personalised profiles based on the latest scientific evidence into wellbeing and performance markers. 

We incorporate leading-edge wellbeing, performance and longevity assessments including Body Composition Analysis and key bio-markers including heart rate variability (HRV) and genetic testing. Scientific algorithms are applied to Mind-Body-Performance assessment data to reveal compelling results not currently seen in workplace wellbeing assessments. 


Behavioural science, psychology, and lifestyle medicine science supplement the Benny Button experience to engage people in learning and habit building and sustained improvement and growth over time. Workplace wellbeing and performance culture assessments yield data interpretations and recommendations that exceed what is currently being provided by traditional employee wellbeing assessments.


Making sense of data and cutting through complexity is super important these days. Benny Button bridges the gap between sophisticated data analytics and practical outcomes. 

Intelligent Technology integrations include artificial intelligence which automates for users targeted, timely, and relevant guidance to trustworthy resources and services. Smart technology and integrated sensor data helps mobilise action and then tracks and quantifies learning engagement and behaviour change over time.


We drive social good. As people and organisations progress through set improvement milestones, pledged funds are released to projects focused on supporting those living with disadvantages to receiving wellbeing and health services and support across the globe.


In-house expertise in organisational psychology and health and wellbeing science is combined with commercially savvy business leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs. Academic and strategic partners including Associate Professor in Health Psychology at Deakin University further support the development of leading edge solutions to the complex challenges associated with wellbeing and performance improvement.