Benny Button Profiler overview

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Personalised Profile

We take a look into your wellbeing and performance across a number of factors, qualities and conditions that scientific research and theory have identified are important for living and working well.

You start with an online questionnaire that explores how life and work are going right now – both what is going well, and where you may be experiencing some challenges or blind spots. This covers wellbeing, culture, engagement and performance.

Your personalised profile is then conveniently displayed back to you instantly in an easy to understand model to help you focus on where you would like to take your learning and progress towards new peaks of your wellbeing and performance potential in work and life.

begin your transformation

Once you have your personalised profile we don't just walk away and leave you to figure it out yourself. Instead we have curated a whole bunch of scientifically validated articles and content in our 'Learning Locker', to help you dive into the areas you have chosen to work on. And yes, a nifty little feature of this app is that you can choose three factors to work on, which filters content, so you don't need to spend your precious time searching. You will also get access to our resources including the Benny Button toolkit. We've also got a list of recommened books and apps to help you make sustainable change in your wellbeing and performance routine.

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Organisation and Team reporting

Understand the potential of you people

The personalised profile is just the very beginning! Our focus (and expertise) is on overall workplace wellbeing and culture to improve performance in your business.

For an organisation, we can make up an overall 'Heat Map' from these profiles , showing where your employees are positioned in their wellbeing and performance development. De-identified data provides leaders specific insights into where they need to focus their attention in order to improve their organisation's performance. Our data can be filtered to a work area/department level and visualised as a % basis or as a scattergram of where employees are positioned within each area of the heat map. With these insights (along with even more analytics) we then empower and support businesses to cultivate and sustain a high-performance culture over the long haul.

Drawing on our thought leadership in organisational and performance psychology, wellbeing science, workplace culture and employee engagement we help you continue to explore and transform by building and embedding a continuous learning and development culture with work-life agility front and centre.

Above:  Wellbeing and performance analytics give leaders a clear understanding of their people.  Right:  The Benny Button wellbeing and performance heat map.

Above: Wellbeing and performance analytics give leaders a clear understanding of their people. Right: The Benny Button wellbeing and performance heat map.

We need this in our organisation!

If you are interested in applying this wellbeing and performance assessment to your organisation, or exploring what we can do to support your business in this area, please fill out your details below or get in touch with us at 

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