Live Well. Have Impact.


People are unique...

So are the environments where we spend our waking lives - work, home, and community.

We all have our own thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, goals, and social and cultural differences that we bring to work. This weaves an intricate fabric of diversity in our organisations. We also have challenges, stressors and needs in work and life that can tear at this fabric when not acknowledged and effectively addressed. Work and life intertwine and we all need agility to navigate our lives skilfully and successfully.

When at work we interact with other unique people. Our work areas are diverse because of the combined mental, physical, emotional and social characteristics of people, the resources available to them, the job demands they face, the type of work being performed, and how people are developed, supported, managed, and led. Taken together, we see rich and complex layers of diversity right through the organisation. That is the reality. 

Sounds fairly complex right?

This is why it simply doesn’t make sense to persist with ‘one size fits all’ approaches to understanding and building the capacity of people and improving the employee experience and work environment. 

Why Benny?

Benny Button gives people, leaders and organisations a clear picture of wellbeing, culture, engagement and performance contributions across the organisation and can share personalised data insights right through to the level of your unique individual employees. 


What do you get?

ORGANISATIONS receive a unique measurement experience including online surveying that provides rich data, crystal clear reporting and dash boarding, and practical recommendations. Our Benny Button Heatmap and Diagnostic make data-driven story telling easy and this improves decision making and action.

LEADERS receive insight into their work areas so they can optimise their environment and rally people around common strengths and challenges. 

PEOPLE receive personalised profiles to help them understand themselves and where to focus so they can discover new peaks of their human potential.


What our clients Say -

Benny Button has a contemporary approach to people analytics. It is important for our business to understand the employee experience on a global scale in ways that link wellbeing with performance, engagement, and culture. I believe their science-based methodology and thought-leading data visualisations will give us the means to better understand and support our people.
— Elise Morris - People and Culture Director, Swisse
We’ve partnered with Benny Button to gain meaningful insights about our people’s wellbeing, productivity and engagement. The data has helped us understand our strengths and opportunities to direct our investment accordingly into activities that have more impact with our people.
— Julie Kirk - Global Head of People, eNett