Meditate On This

the science of mindfulness.

Authored by our Co-Founder - Dr Adrian Medhurst.

Meditation, it seems, is the new black. Musicians, performers, athletes, entrepreneurs and executives all seem to be raving about the impact of a mindfulness practice.

There is lots of anecdotal evidence of the benefits of meditation. But what does it really do? What does the science say?

The authors have reviewed thousands of studies, and trawled through hundreds of journals to answer this question.

This book lays out the proven impact of an effective meditation practice on happiness, health, performance and relationships in layman's terms.

Meditate On This
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There have been a growing number of books written on mindfulness meditation over the last few years, a number of which grace my bookcase at home. What new insights would this book offer that the others hadn’t already covered I wondered?

What I liked about ‘Meditate On This’ was how the three co-authors present a compelling and eminently readable case for how mindfulness meditation changes the brain and facilitates positive change in the areas of happiness, health, relationships and performance. The data is skillfully presented ensuring it’s readily understandable for the layperson, while still meaty enough for the academic seeking evidence of the research.

The book is an invitation to explore and implement a mindfulness meditation practice. It seeks to explain the why rather than the how and proffers no judgment on which type or form of meditation is best, leaving that decision open for the reader to decide.

If you’re uncertain whether mindfulness meditation is for you, this book outlines the potential benefits as validated by the science for the multiple facets of our lives; whether you seek to be a more effective learner, to restore greater balance to your life, be more attentive, creative or to live longer and more healthily.

The key message is practice leads to progress, which in the case of meditation is so very true.

I loved this book.
— Dr Jenny Brockis - Specialist in brain health and high performance thinking